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Access Control

As a business we fully understand the importance of securing company assets during, and out of, working hours and also its staff whilst at work. Access control enables you to control who has access to your building and when.

Choosing the right system to match your requirements is an important financial decision and we are committed in working with various manufacturers to design and install you a system to suit your specific needs.

Each system is straightforward to administer and provides the most efficient and convenient way to secure your premises and assets. Cards, biometrics or tokens can be issued to any member of staff to allow full or restricted access to any part of the building and if lost or stolen these can be easily deleted off the system.

This also provides a more cost effective solution than the need to replace lost or stolen keys, which could also be copied creating even more security risks.

Once installed, all doors controlled by the system will automatically lock when closed, unlike a lock and key system which is more likely to be left unlocked all day, giving easy access to the opportunist thief.

Access control also has the flexibility to enable you to set certain areas of the system to work at specific times of the day or night. Each system also provides full audit facilities for tracking staff movement and access permissions for added peace of mind.

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