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Bespoke Monitoring

Secureassist Security Systems Ltd is able to offer a bespoke monitoring service which allows our technical staff to remotely access your system in order to provide a range of additional services.

Using this remote engineering service, known as ‘Remote Dial In (RDi)’ we are able to carry out the following:

• Remote Arming / Disarming

• Remote Resetting

• Remote Interrogation • Remote Engineering

• Remote Auditing • Remote User Code Programming

• Remote Viewing on Alarm Activation • Remote Audits

• Remote Daily Image Checks • Remote Footage retrieval

• Remote Live Monitoring (Optional) • Remote Viewing on Alarm Activation

• Remote Audits • Remote Footage Retrieval (in conjunction with CCTV)

• Remote Live Monitoring (Optional) • 24 hour Access to Remote Engineering Personnel

• Secure Backup Communications to Approved Alarm receiving centre • Police Response Liaison

• Remote Keyholder and Incident Management

These additional services speed up the response time to any issues raised and allow us to send our on call engineers, at a convenient time to yourself, with all the information of the fault, reducing both time and costs on site.